Oregon super-speeders face sky-high citations with new bill

| 5/16/2005

Drivers hoping to make better time in Oregon better just plan on leaving the house a little earlier – a bill in the state would drastically increase the punishment for speeders doing over 100 mph.

The bill, SB568, would impose a $1,000 fine plus a 30-day license suspension for anyone caught reaching triple-digit speeds, according to the Bend Bulletin. The bill would also allow judges to temporarily suspend the license of anyone doing more than 30 mph over the posted speed limit, even if they’re doing less than 100, the Bulletin reported.

Most Oregon highways have a 55 mph speed limit, which means drivers could face the fine and loss of license at speeds starting at 85 mph.

Troy Costales, manager of the Oregon DOT’s safety division, told KATU-TV that speeding has moved ahead of alcohol as the number one contributing factor in fatal crashes in the state. Citations for speeding over 90 mph in Oregon have increased by 4 percent during the last five years, despite an overall 30 percent drop in speeding tickets, the Corvallis Gazette-Times reported.