State police take over truck inspections in Pennsylvania

| 5/16/2005

Pennsylvania’s Department of Transportation won’t be doing truck inspections anymore. Before you celebrate, you should know that the job has been handed over to the State Police.

In January, the Pennsylvania DOT began transferring responsibility of truck inspections over to the State Police. The move will make the inspections operation more efficient and increase the number of certified truck inspectors from 262 to 322, DOT officials told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

State officials also told the Post-Gazette that PennDOT was already working closely with the state’s police before the transfer was made, and this move will help improve the organization of the inspection program.

“Everyone is being trained under the same roof,” Don Siekerman, safety director for the Pennsylvania Truck Association, told the Post-Gazette. “There’s more uniformity in truck-law enforcement now.”

The State Police have also beefed up the program’s training and equipment, the Post-Gazette reported. The improvements include:

  • Newly marked inspection vehicles, equipped with police radios, mobile computers, automated vehicle locaters and emergency supplies;
  • Training offered to municipal police departments; and
  • Expanded education for truckers on Pennsylvania road law compliance.

The consolidation will also free $3.7 million in next year’s budget for road and bridge repairs and improvements, the Easton Express-Times reported.