Indiana governor approves statewide daylight-saving time

| 5/16/2005

For the first time in more than 20 years, the entire state of Indiana will adjust its clocks for daylight-saving time.

On Friday, May 13, Gov. Mitch Daniels signed into law legislation that places all of the state’s 92 counties on the adjusted clock schedule.

The new legislation works in reverse of the original 1972 federal law, which allowed states with two time zones within its borders to opt out of daylight-saving time. Currently, 77 Indiana counties are in the Eastern time zone and don’t adjust their watches, while five Central time zone counties in the northwest and southwest corners of the state do.

Despite a great deal of media coverage and heated legislative debate, the governor signed the bill quietly and in private, the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette said.

The bill, SB127, originally passed in the Senate and failed in the House; however, a technicality that allowed a second vote and a late-hour vote change by Rep. Troy Woodruff, R-Vincennes, pushed the bill through the House at the last minute.

The statewide change will take effect in April 2006; however, the bill requires the governor to ask U.S. DOT to re-evaluate where the state fits in to the national time zone map.