California city tightens enforcement of truck parking

| 5/16/2005

In the aptly named town of Banning, CA, officials are stepping up efforts to tighten restrictions on truck parking, according to the San Bernardino County Sun.

But truck drivers aren’t being left out in the cold. The city is also looking at bringing a privately owned truck parking facility to town.

Citing increased noise and idling complaints from residents, police and the city Engineering Department have added warning signs and stepped up enforcement of existing laws.

Police Lt. Phil Holder told the Sun that, while the laws have always been there, they have not always been enforced.

“Over the years, the commercial truck ordinance has not been enforced to the letter of the law,” he said. “Some people park where they are really not supposed to.”

In addition, the police are also working with local business people to find a location for a privately owned truck parking business.

While a final location for the parking facility is yet to be determined, Holder told the Sun that it would likely be placed near truck routes, such as Interstate 10.

In addition, Holder said the facility is going to be secured to allow drivers to park there overnight.

The final size of the facility has not yet been determined. The proposal must still go before the City Council for approval, and that could take several weeks.