Town shows no love for proposed Texas truck stop

| 5/13/2005

Residents of Willis, TX, near Houston spoke out against a proposed Love’s Truck Stop near Interstate 45 at a city council meeting on May 10.

The Conroe Courier reported that angry townspeople – who, amazingly enough, were not armed with torches and pitchforks – said they feared the truck stop would bring drugs and prostitution to an area of town already troubled by a high crime rate.

What’s more, they said they were also concerned about children who attend two schools located near the proposed location.

There was also the usual litany of concerns regarding noise pollution, air pollution, and lowered property values.

But it wasn’t all bad news. Some actually spoke out in favor of the truck stop, saying it would bring jobs to the area as well as increased funding for the community in the form of taxes.

Supporters said the truck stop would generate $28,500 for the city in property taxes and would not cost the city anything because Love’s would fund the construction.

John Hill, president of Willis Community Development Corp., dismissed the critics’ notions of what goes on at truck stops.

“I’ve been to several truck stops and I’ve never seen the drugs and prostitution,” he said.

A representative at Love’s who attended the meeting said the facility would not have a lounge to attract overnight guests, though there will be showers for truckers. He added that only 40 percent of Love’s business is from truckers, while the rest is from the traveling public.