New truck stop under construction in South Dakota

| Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Truckers looking for Connie’s Ampride along Interstate 29 in North Sioux City, SD, won’t find it the next time they pass through town.

The truck stop, which had been in operation under one name or another since I-29 was first opened in 1960, was demolished May 10 to make way for … another truck stop.

The new stop, Goode to Go, will be a 10,400-square-foot facility with a convenience store, private showers, high-speed Internet access, five casino gaming rooms complete with video lottery machines, a convenience store and a restaurant that seats about 90 people.

Marty McGlothen, designer for L&L Builders, the Sioux City, IA-based contractor in charge of the operation, said there will be six fueling lanes for diesel trucks. Four are slated for semis, while two others are being designed for smaller commercial trucks and farm vehicles.

The facility will also have eight lanes for gasoline, including one for E-85 corn-based ethanol.

One thing that won’t change from the old operation is the amount of parking space. McGlothen said the 2.5-acre gravel lot that has served as parking for trucks for years will remain in place.

“They have a gravel lot out back for all the truck parking that’s necessary,” he said.

Workers began the foundation work for the new truck stop earlier this week. Construction is expected to begin later in the month.