Repeat offenders, unlicensed drivers operated state vehicles in Wisconsin

| 5/9/2005

Not everyone behind the wheel of a state-owned vehicle in Wisconsin should be there, according to a recent investigation.

A state audit ordered by the legislature and conducted by the Department of Administration found more than 400 individuals who were allowed to drive state-owned vehicles without meeting minimum driving standards.

Of the 422 employees, 210 had three or more moving violations in the past two years, 149 didn’t have valid driver’s licenses and 88 had one or more alcohol-related offenses in the last year, the Duluth News Tribune reported.

Ironically, 122 individuals within the Department of Corrections – many of whom were inmates – were allowed to drive without proper background checks, according to the News Tribune.

“If we’ve got policies that are consistent to all employees, we certainly should have them for inmates,” Sen. Carol Roessler, R-Oshkosh, co-chairwoman of the Joint Committee on Audit, told the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.

The audit of the state’s driving enforcement follows a 2004 order by Gov. Jim Doyle to sell 1,000 of the state’s bloated 6,700-vehicle fleet.