Faulty guardrails found in Tennessee; investigations follow in Georgia, Alabama

| 5/9/2005

The discovery of faulty guardrails in Tennessee along 4,000 miles of the roads has led to the investigation of two separate construction companies in several southern states.

The Tennessee attorney general found that rails installed by two companies – KRD Corp. and LU Inc. – along 4,000 miles of the state’s roads were not set deeply enough, the Birmingham News reported. LU’s rails were set 12 inches deep, rather than the required 44 inches, and the company failed to replace some damaged guardrail sections, according to WSMV television reports.

The Tennessee attorney general also alleged that KRD, which has since lost its contract with the state, might have improperly billed for its work, according to the Chattanooga Times Free Press.

In the aftermath of Tennessee’s investigation, Alabama and Georgia transportation officials launched their own investigations. Georgia officials, however, will partner with – and pay – KRD contractors to help inspect and make repairs to problematic sections of the road.

“To us, the right thing to do is pay them if there’s no problem (in Georgia),” Georgia DOT official Bert Brantley told WSMV.