Late-hour vote changes Indiana daylight-saving bill outcome

| 4/29/2005

The on-again, off-again saga of the Indiana daylight-saving bill has added yet another chapter: After a near-defeat, the measure has now passed and is making its way to the governor’s desk.

In an 11th-hour surprise, the House approved the hotly debated SB127, which requires the entire state to adjust their watches for daylight-saving time. The bill had already failed to pass earlier in the day Thursday, April 28, but a last-minute vote change sent the bill through later that night.

The earlier 49-48 vote failed to pass the measure; however, because the state requires 51 votes to kill a measure, it was brought back to the House floor for a second vote. According to news reports, Rep. Troy Woodruff, R-Vincennes, reversed his decision after seeing Democrats “play games,” as he described it, with the bill. The final vote was 51-46.

The measure will now go before the governor, who is expected to sign it into law.