Indiana daylight-saving bill falls dark in the legislature

| 4/28/2005

A bill that would’ve put the entire state of Indiana on daylight-saving time has failed in the House, despite a bipartisan legislative push and support from Gov. Mitch Daniels.

The bill, which was approved by the Senate on Wednesday, April 27, lost the vote by a narrow 49-48 vote in the House on Thursday, April 28. However, a 51-vote majority is required to kill a bill, so it could still come up for another vote if supporters can recall it by the midnight deadline on Friday, April 29, when the legislature adjourns.

Fans of the measure say unifying the state under daylight-saving time would boost state commerce and eliminate confusion. Opponents, however, say the reported business increases are highly overstated, The Associated Press reported.

Indiana – which has both the Eastern and Central time zones within its borders – has 77 counties on the eastern side that do not recognize the biannual time change.