Propane truck weight bill tabled in Illinois

| 4/28/2005

A bill in Illinois that would change the weight limits for propane delivery trucks has been tabled by its sponsor.

Under the bill, HB232, a single unit truck could have a single axle weight of 22,000 pounds, and a tandem axle weight of 40,000 pounds. The new standard applies to trucks traveling on non-designated highways.

Previously, propane trucks were held to the general Illinois standard of 18,000 on a single axle, 32,000 pounds on a tandem axle and 73,280 pounds gross vehicle weight. The federal highway standard is 20,000 pounds on a single axle, 34,000 on a tandem axle and 80,000 pounds gross vehicle weight.

The measure was introduced earlier this month by Rep. Joseph Lyons, D-Chicago. A legislative official confirmed that Lyons had tabled the bill, effectively removing it from consideration. It had been approved by the House Transportation and Motor Vehicles Committee and was nearing a House floor vote.