Illinois outlaws plate-masking spray

| 4/27/2005

It’s the case of the disappearing license plate, and Illinois lawmakers think they’ve found the solution.

Senators in the state are working on a bill that would outlaw a chemical spray that can make a vehicle’s tags virtually invisible to police cameras.

The product, which is manufactured under the brand name “Photoblocker” by a company called Phantomplate, is a spray-on substance that puts a clear, high-gloss finish on license plates.

The shiny finish is nearly invisible to the naked eye, according to the product’s Web site and reports by a number of television investigations. When red light cameras, speed cameras and toll cameras try to shoot the plate, however, their flashes create a glare that obscures the plate’s numbers, making it unreadable.

If the bill passes, anyone caught using the spray will have his or her license revoked.

The bill, which was passed by the Senate, must now go before the House and the governor before it can become law.