'Mad Max' movie mock-up makes mayhem

| 4/21/2005

And you thought Trekkies were strange.

Eleven fans of the “Mad Max” movie series were arrested on their way to a weekend movie marathon in San Antonio, according to The Associated Press.

The fans – traveling in a convoy on April 16 – were dressed in costumes from the movie and recreated a scene from the second Mad Max film – “The Road Warrior” – in which marauders armed with machine guns surround a tanker truck on the road.

Some motorists apparently didn’t get it.

Though the group was using fake machine guns, police received several calls from people who reported seeing a tanker truck surrounded by a “militia.”

Police charged nine of the fans with obstruction of a highway, while two others were slapped with an additional charge of possession of prohibited knives.

Chris Fenner, an organizer of the convoy, told The Associated Press that the arrests were unfair. Fenner said he couldn’t understand how anyone could mistake a costumed group re-enacting a scene from a movie for a real threat.