Hurricane-battered bridge to see reconstruction

| 4/21/2005

The Interstate 10 Bridge over Escambia Bay in Pensacola, FL, is about to receive an extreme makeover.

On September 16, 2004, the bridge was temporarily shut down after Hurricane Ivan tore apart large sections of its construction. Thanks to the efforts of a number of area construction teams, some lanes on the bridge were reopened within 24 days of the storm, the Fort Myers News-Press reported.

A $242 million contract has been awarded to Tidewater Skanska, a Virginia-based company, to replace the broken areas of the bridge and bring it back to its previous operational status. It will take two years to complete the project, The Associated Press reported.

Before the storm, the bridge daily carried approximately 42,000 passenger vehicles and commercial trucks across the bay, The Associated Press said. Since then, many travelers have been diverted to a northern detour route to avoid the bottleneck at the bridge.