Sign language

| 4/18/2005

Truckers everywhere are getting used to electronic message boards along the side of the road telling them everything from “Roadwork Ahead” to “Buckle Up.”

But in at least two states, the messages lately have been anything but ordinary.

In Michigan, a sign on Interstate 75 that was supposed to tell drivers about upcoming construction instead said “speed limit 100 mph, go, go, go,” according to media reports. State DOT officials quickly put a stop, stop, stop to that.

But the showstopper had to be in historic Bean Town. The Boston Herald reported that a sign on Cambridge Street had for days flashed two messages:

“Expect Delays”
“Roadwork Ahead”

Then a local wit broke into the sign’s control board – twice, the newspaper reported – and added a third message, so the sign then flashed:

“Expect Delays”
“Roadwork Ahead”
“Porn is Great”

Although local officials were not happy, and quickly changed the sign back, Boston locals seemed little affected.

“Tell me something I don't know,”' Bostonian Andrew D’Agostino told The Herald.