IdleAire gets $146 million to add more spaces across country

| 4/15/2005

IdleAire will receive funding from a $146 million bond issue to create more parking spaces equipped with its system, the company announced this week.

The funding, which would allow the company to draw more cash up to a possible total of $200 million, will enable the company to add facilities to as many as 70 truck stops in 28 states, the firm said. IdleAire now operates facilities at 23 truck stops nationwide.

The Colorado Education and Cultural Facilities Authority is setting up the bond issue. In a news release, IdleAire said the funding would be used to provide “remotely available, online driver education and training.” The company’s service includes high-speed Internet access, in addition to heating and air-conditioning.

That educational programming, the company said, will be delivered by the Driver Education and Idling Reduction Foundation, which is the Colorado affiliate of a national training foundation.

Marianne Horinko, president of the Colorado foundation, said in a statement that “schedules and random routings preclude driver participation in traditional education and training programs, and distance learning opportunities are limited because many drivers lack access to computer equipment and/or power sources.”

Horinko said the funding would allow trucking fleets to provide training to drivers who are on the road in such areas as safety and homeland security, as well as providing classes in such areas as “GED, language, business math, business practices.”