New York considers special courts for bad drivers

| 4/12/2005

A state lawmaker in New York is trying to make sure repeat offenders on New York’s roadways get the special treatment they deserve.

Joseph Lentol, D-Brooklyn, chairman of the state Assembly’s Codes Committee, is arguing for the setup of special courts for individuals who have repeated charges of drunken driving, reckless driving and speeding. These courts – called “special parts” in New York City and other populated areas of the state – are designed to provide the added knowledge and resources necessary for specialized cases such as these.

“It’s the idea of concentration so that they think twice about it,” Lentol told the Times-Herald Record. “It would provide more of a deterrent to dangerous drivers to know that they are not going to get short shrift and get shuffled around the courthouse.”

Chief state Administrative Judge Jonathan Lippman told the Record that legislators are aware of the problems caused by repeat offenders, and that the specialized courts are an interesting solution.

“I know it’s a real big problem,” Lippman told the Record. “We’d be happy to take a look at it.”