Bill to streamline oversize permitting in Illinois awaits final Senate vote

| 4/11/2005

A bill that would streamline the paperwork process for overweight or oversize truck permits in Illinois is now awaiting a final vote in the state’s Senate.

The bill, SB2031, would set up a standard fee – $250 per quarter, or $1,000 per year – for any truck up to 24,000 pounds per single axle, or trucks that are up to 12 feet wide or 110 feet long. The fees and permits under the bill cover “continuous limited operation of trucks that exceed wheel and axle load limits.”

The bill’s chief sponsor, Sen. John M. Sullivan, D-Quincy, said the bill was designed to streamline the paperwork and permitting process for truckers, carriers and for the state officials at the Illinois Department of Transportation who process the permit requests.

“Right now … those special permits are given out on an as-needed basis,” he said. “What this allows is the Department of Transportation to issue a permit based on quarterly or an annual basis so they don’t have all the paperwork of doing this on a load-by-load basis.”

Sullivan said the measure should help both smaller and larger trucking operations with the state’s permitting process. Interests in state government and in the trucking industry support the measure.

SB2031 was unanimously approved by the Senate Transportation Committee March 16.