Closing of Missouri River bridge to be delayed

| 4/8/2005

The Paseo Bridge – which carries three federal highways over the Missouri River at Kansas City, MO – will close for repairs May 17, about two weeks later than originally scheduled, the Missouri Department of Transportation announced Friday, April 8.

However, the delay – which was made at the request of the contractor – will not change the proposed completion date. The state offered the contractor, Clarkson Construction, incentives to finish the work by Nov. 10.

In addition to a new paved surface, the suspension bridge’s superstructure will get a fresh coat of blue paint, and the structure will also feature new barrier rails, light poles, hand ropes, bearings and weatherproofing wrap around its cables.

Truckers passing through the area are encouraged to take Interstate 435, a circumferential highway that circles the entire Kansas City metropolitan area. Alternative routes for truckers picking up and delivering in the area can be found at

The Paseo Bridge carries Interstates 35 and 29 as well as U.S. 71. It carries roughly 95,000 vehicles each day between the north and south halves of Kansas City.