Wal-Mart puts cash into Trucker Buddy program

| 4/1/2005

When it comes to forking over cash, Wal-Mart is now officially the largest contributor to the Trucker Buddy program.

“In the past year, the Wal-Mart Foundation has provided $43,550 directly to the Trucker Buddy program,” said Trucker Buddy Executive Director Ellen Voie in a recent press statement.

Voie confirmed that this contribution makes Wal-Mart the largest contributor of cash donations. According to Voie, the 4,000 drivers who participate in the program include 155 Wal-Mart drivers.

Trucker Buddy International is a non-profit program that matches professional truck drivers and elementary classrooms in a pen pal program. Trucker Buddy is funded entirely through industry supporters. For more information about the program, visit www.truckerbuddy.org or call 1-800-MY BUDDY.