Indiana idling proposal for cars draws four-wheelers ire

| 3/17/2005

Usually, when you hear about a ban on idling, it’s trucks getting the short end of the exhaust pipe.

But in Indiana, car drivers are getting a taste of what more and more truckers go through on a regular basis.

In the town of Lawrence, IN, which sits on the northeast side of Indianapolis, a proposed ordinance would forbid car drivers from idling their cars in the morning to warm the vehicles up, The Indianapolis Star reported.

The complaints from residents (now that the shoe’s on the other foot) may sound familiar. Among them, as told to The Star:

  • “I think it should be someone’s right to leave their car idling if they want to”;
  • “I think it is invasive. I think it is going too far”;
  • “It is excessive regulation”; and
  • “It’s cold out there … I want it to be warm in the car when we get in.”

The ordinance, according to the newspaper report, was designed to prevent cars from being stolen while they are idling.