Pennsylvania radio host puts spotlight on Knights of the Road

| 3/15/2005

Sheryl Youngblood, known over Pennsylvania’s airwaves as “Trucker Doc,” has launched a new program recognizing truckers’ acts of “random kindness.” The program is aptly called “Knights of the Road.”

Youngblood is the host of the “KnightTime Radio Show.” The program kicked off March 1 and is designed to highlight and reward truck drivers for their acts of kindness and valor during the performance of their job.

The program will not only recognize a drivers’ good deeds, but will also honor them with special attire, such as, “Knights of the Road” insignias, T-shirts, hats and truck decals displaying the “Knights of the Road” logo.

Rewards for earning honorary membership could sometimes be more than a cap or T-shirt, said Youngblood. Truckers could receive a paid night in a luxury hotel room with a Jacuzzi and meal. In addition to performing “random acts of kindness,” Youngblood said drivers are also rewarded for their involvement in their communities or charitable organizations, their work within the industry and their professionalism on the job.

The radio show allows truck drivers to tell the public who they are and what they do, live on the air, and to talk about issues in the industry. The show also features national and international guests.

For more information, visit or call toll-free 1-87-RADIODOC. The “KnightTime Radio Show” airs on Saturdays at 10 a.m. in northeast Pennsylvania at 1490-AM on your radio dial.