Web site helps truckers find biodiesel outlets

| 3/15/2005

Truckers who want to fuel up in a more environmentally friendly way now have a way to find out where they can do just that.

A Web site – biodiesel.org – has a list of locations nationwide that offer either straight biodiesel or biodiesel blends.

On the Web site, place your mouse over the link at the top center of the screen that says “Buying Biodiesel.” Move down to the words “Guide to Buying Biodiesel,” and click.

Once that page loads, scroll all the way to the bottom and click where it says “Click here for a National Map of Retail Fueling Sites.” That will bring up a map of the United States. Click on any state, and the site will give you a list of locations in that state, complete with addresses and phone numbers, that sell biodiesel.

The National Biodiesel Board, which operates the Web site, warns that it may not contain all retail locations. The site’s listings are provided by the retailers, and truck drivers can also suggest retailers to be added through a link at the bottom of the map page.