More than 10,000 Webasto coolant heaters recalled

| 3/11/2005

Truckers running the Webasto DBW 2010 coolant heater may have a unit that is subject to a recent recall announced by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration.

The NHTSA-announced recall, which covers more than 10,000 units, says that certain coolant heaters made with Webasto burner tubes manufactured between November 2002 and February 2005 have a stainless steel burner tube that is made out of material that “is not to specification” and could fail prematurely.

The recall notice says that should the burner tube fail, the coolant heater could overheat and possibly result in a fire.

According to the recall, Webasto will notify its customers and replace the affected burner tubes with new certified burner tubes at no cost to the owner.

Owners who do not receive their free remedy within a reasonable time should contact Webasto at (810) 593-6104.