DL equipment stolen from Nevada DMV office

| Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Equipment used to produce Nevada driver’s licenses is in the hands of thieves after a vehicle burst through the rear window of a state DMV office in North Las Vegas, the agency announced March 7.

The suspects, who have not yet been caught, took a digital camera, the computer to produce licenses, the license printer, license blanks and the material to laminate the finished product.

DMV officials, in a news release, said that without being connected to the department’s computer application, the equipment “has limited use.”

However, according to The Las Vegas Review-Journal, authorities were concerned that fake licenses produced with the equipment “could trigger a crime spree.”

“The potential of what they can do with it runs the gamut, from ID theft to check fraud,” Tim Bedwell, a North Las Vegas Police Department spokesman, told the newspaper.

North Las Vegas police and the DMV’s Compliance Enforcement Division are investigating the incident. Meanwhile, officials at the DMV said the agency would post 24-hour security until repairs to the facility are completed.

About 1,700 blank driver’s licenses were taken with the equipment, the newspaper reported.