Bill would allow California port truckers to organize

| 3/8/2005

Owner-operators whose trucks service ports in California could gain the right to collectively bargain under a bill now before the state’s Legislature.

That measure, SB848, would extend to port owner-operators the right to organize and to collectively negotiate with port motor carriers regarding such matters as compensation and benefits.

In addition, it would extend to those drivers key benefits that many employees in the state have, such as the ability to withhold their services on a collective basis – in essence, the right to legally strike – and to be free from any coercion by port motor carriers regarding those rights.

Currently, the Senate Rules Committee is deciding which committee in the upper chamber will first consider the bill, which was introduced Feb. 22 by Sen. Joseph Dunn, D-Garden Grove.

Information on the Legislature’s Web site indicates the bill could be acted on as early as March 25.