Bush nominates acting head of EPA to lead agency full-time

| 3/4/2005

If approved by the Senate, Stephen Johnson would be the “first professional scientist” to head the Environmental Protection Agency.

President Bush made the reference to Johnson’s scientific credentials when he nominated him for the top EPA post Friday, March 4, according to The Associated Press. Johnson has been serving as acting head of the EPA for six weeks. Former EPA Adminstrator Michael Leavitt is now the secretary of health and human services.

In his nomination announcement, Bush said Johnson “knows the EPA from the ground up and has a passion for its mission.” Johnson has been with the agency for 24 years. If approved, he would be the 11th top administrator at the agency since it was formed in 1970.

The agency is important to the trucking industry because of its involvement with air pollution laws, which include idling and emissions regulations for big trucks. Bush has said that one of his top environmental priorities is to rewrite air pollution laws and regulations.