Illinois bill would expand radar-jamming ban to all vehicles

| 3/3/2005

A ban on radar-jamming devices in trucks would be extended to all motor vehicles under a bill now being considered in Illinois.

The bill, SB1221, would also block all motor vehicle owners from using a laser-jamming device. However, it would prevent police from stopping a car to search for one of the devices unless the vehicle was pulled over for another reason.

Sen. Edward D. Maloney D-Chicago, said he introduced the bill after hearing an advertisement for the devices on a radio station.

“Whoever was advertising these stated rather brazenly that ‘if you get a ticket, we’ll pay your ticket – that’s how effective these are,’ ” he said. “There was a number for the catalog. I sent for the catalog, and sure enough, in the catalog was an advertisement for this product that said the same thing.”

Maloney is not sure why cars and other noncommercial vehicles were left out of the original law that banned the devices from commercial vehicles. But it’s an error he wants to quickly correct.

“It flies in the face of law enforcement, it flies in the face of public safety, I felt. That’s why I initiated this,” he said.

– By Mark H. Reddig, associate editor