DuraSeal fixes flats or money back

| 2/23/2005

Confident in the self-sealing properties of its DuraSeal commercial tire technology, Goodyear is offering a $50 money-back promise on new tires containing the “built-in sealant.”

In a move that goes beyond new tire guarantees, the money-back deal further offers $25 for a tire’s first retread, with the promise that punctures up to one-fourth of an inch in diameter in the tread area will seal, according to a Goodyear press release. Sidewall punctures are not covered.

DuraSeal features a built-in sealant that allows truck drivers to continue operating after a tire is punctured and not just for a few more miles until you can get to a shop. Goodyear boasts that the tire can keep being used until it is retreaded – lasting up to six times longer than conventional tires.

Product information from Goodyear explains that the tires have a gel-like, solvent-free compound built into their inner liners. It is designed to consistently and instantly seal punctures up to one-quarter inch in the tread area.

Right now DuraSeal is only available on Goodyear’s new Unisteel G287 MSA and G288 MSA mixed-service tires. But, the vice president of commercial tire systems for Goodyear said DuraSeal “may evolve into other applications, based on customer needs.”