TruTurn awarded TWNA's Technical Achievement Award

| 2/23/2005

Consolidated Metco’s TruTurn fully machined brake drum won the 2004 Technical Achievement Award from the Truck Writers of North America.

TWNA director Tom Berg of Newport Publications presented the award to Al Anderson, field sales manager for Consolidated Metco, during ceremonies Feb. 17 at the winter meeting of the Technology and Maintenance Council.

The TruTurn drum’s fully machined finishing process, both inside and out, creates better dimensional consistency and a uniform wall thickness, which translates into improved performance characteristics for the end user, according to the manufacturer.

“The TruTurn brake drum is truly unique in that it is machined on the outside as well as the inside,” said Rob Edstrom, ConMet’s vice president of sales and marketing. “Through this process the drum is ‘turned to balance,’ which means it is inherently balanced, as well as having its strength optimized because the drum wall thickness is uniform around the circumference.”

The TruTurn process gives the drum strength because there’s no need for weld-on weights or balance cuts that can weaken a standard drum, according to the manufacturer. The result is a drum with less potential for cracking, lower per-stop temperatures, a more uniform distribution of temperature and braking forces; all of which deliver a longer life-cycle. The drum’s uniform wall thickness also contributes to more consistent thermal expansion and, therefore, minimizes brake vibration for better braking performance.