Donde publishes third edition of "For the Long Haul"

| 2/22/2005

Professional truck drivers are expected to know and follow the laws in each state. Off the network of interstates, truckers can’t roll one mile without running into laws and procedures unique to the state they’re in. Four years ago, Donde Publishing produced an easy-reading reference book that put much of this valuable information into the hands of truckers.

Now, Donde has published the third edition of “For the Long Haul” an off-the-network reference for professional drivers, complete with critical updates. It’s written specifically for professional over-the-road truckers and cuts right to the chase on what will keep you compliant.

“For the Long Haul” is a “must-have” for the cab of your truck, because when you’re rolling from state to state, you don’t need that info when you get home, you need it now.

“For the Long Haul” contains updated state-by-state information on topics such as chain laws, road classification restrictions, off-the-network size and weight laws, 511 access info, lighting requirements and permit requirements. Importantly, the updated edition contains idling restrictions.

RPM Magazine’s Gary Bricken says the book is “absolutely the best book I have ever reviewed dealing with trucking. Land Line Managing Editor Sandi Soendker calls the book “a valuable tool for truckers, and now with state-to-state idling restrictions, truck drivers have got to have it.”

The Web site describes it as an “excellent resource for new or experienced truckers” and recommends it to help drivers be “safe, compliant and profitable.”

“For the Long Haul” is written and compiled by Don and Debbe Morrow and published by Donde Publishing Inc., Eau Claire, WI. The third edition is a rugged paperback, spiral bound, and priced at $14.95.

For purchase information, go to or contact Donde Publishing Inc. at 5817 Christopher Drive, Eau Claire, WI 54703. 1-877-782-8388 (877-STATE-88).