Petition to place illegal alien licenses on California ballot shy of signatures

| 2/22/2005

A campaign to amend the California state constitution to prevent illegal aliens from receiving state services – including driver’s licenses – has fallen short, ensuring the measure will not appear on the ballot in upcoming elections.

On its Web site,, the group said that despite $200,000 spent and 350,000 petitions, it had not gathered enough signatures to ensure placement on the ballot.

The effort began Sept. 22, 2004, when the state’s attorney general issued an approval for the group to begin collecting signatures.

Petition leader Mike Spence told Copley News Service that the organization ran out of steam because the group couldn’t attract enough in donations to cover the cost of gathering signatures.

“We didn’t have enough money,” he said.

Although this petition is now dead, another identical effort could be started at any time.