Diesel prices continue to climb

| 2/22/2005

The cost of diesel continues to increase, with the national average price almost 3.5 cents higher this week compared to last week and 42.5 cents higher than it was a year ago.

The national average price for diesel this week, according to the U.S. Department of Energy, is $2.020 per gallon. Last week the national average was $1.983 per gallon. A year ago the price for a gallon of diesel was $1.595.

For the first time in several weeks the New England region did not top the diesel price list. The West Coast region has the highest price this week with diesel selling for $2.321 compared to last week’s $2.190 price.

California, most often logging the most expensive prices for diesel, is in second place this week with a per gallon price of $2.259, compared to the $2.196 consumers were paying at the diesel pump last week in the Golden Gate State.

The New England region reports an average cost of $2.198 per gallon this week, followed by the Central Atlantic region with a per gallon cost of $2.154 this week. In the Rocky Mountain region this week diesel is averaging $2.087 per gallon. Diesel is averaging $2.027 in the East Coast region this week.

The least expensive areas to fuel up this week are the Gulf Coast with an average diesel price of $1.943 per gallon; the Midwest region with an average price of $1.953; and the Lower Atlantic region with an average price of $1.957 per gallon.