Indiana State Police say no special blitz

| 2/18/2005

Tired truckers looking to get a little rest along Indiana roadways could soon get a wake-up call from law enforcement.

The Indiana Motor Truck Association says the Indiana State Police will soon start enforcing a law prohibiting commercial drivers from parking their trucks on highway shoulders and ramps.

The State Police, however, say they already ticket truckers for parking along roadsides.

“We enforce it on a daily basis. Some areas enforce it harder,” said Lt. Scott Beamon, a department spokesman. “It’s not something we’re going to step up and recreate.”

Despite the trucking association’s warning to drivers that has been relayed to local media to help get the word out, Beamon said it’s possible some areas may implement an increased effort to cite truckers who park illegally, but it’s not a statewide crackdown.

“They may have stepped up efforts because of different local events, and maybe they’re trying to get it through the media as a reminder, ‘Hey, don’t violate parking along the ramps, it’s dangerous.’ However, this is not a new law in our state.” Beamon said.

The State Police recommends drivers park in designated rest areas and truck plazas.

--By Keith Goble, Land Line staff