Web sites help you report bad driving online

| 2/11/2005

Just about every trucker on the road has been in this situation.

You see an aggressive driver in a four-wheeler, dodging between lanes, getting behind other cars and honking or waving a fist to urge the other drivers to get out of the way. Sometimes it gets even worse.

It used to be your only option was calling 9-1-1. Well, now officials are offering you another way to let them know about aggressive drivers or road rage.

Two Web sites, one in Arizona and one in Washington state, now offer the ability to report road rage incidents or aggressive driving online.

In Washington, the system is a link on the Washington State Patrol Web site, www.wsp.wa.gov. If you scroll down to the bottom of the Web page, a link at the lower left corner labeled “Report Aggressive Driving” takes you to a page that not only allows you to report incidents online, but also explains when to call in a report and when to report online.

The site also offers safety tips for dealing with aggressive drivers.

In Arizona, drivers can go to unsafedriver.com. That Web site is operated by the Safe Driving Institute, a group founded by law-enforcement officers that is intended to provide citizens with another way to report unsafe driving habits, such as “speeding, unsafe lane changes, running stop signs or red lights, not signaling, tailgating, throwing items from a moving vehicle, and many more.”

“SDI is a reporting system designed to make anyone a ‘traffic cop’,” according to statements on the Web site. “It puts the eyes of many thousands of responsible citizens to work to supplement law enforcement with the goal of influencing motorist behavior in a positive way.”

Trooper Johnny Alexander, a spokesman for the Washington State Patrol, told USA Today that the Web sites are “just another tool to solicit the public’s help in fighting aggressive driving. We only have so many troopers out there.”