Bill would let truckers travel farther off main routes in Illinois

| 2/9/2005

It could soon be easier for truckers in Illinois who need to travel off main routes to deliver their loads, fuel up or get rest.

Illinois lawmakers are considering SB218, a measure that would change restrictions on how far trucks may travel off highways.

Under current state law, certain trucks are allowed to travel up to 5 highway miles off any state-designated highway for the purposes of loading or unloading. In addition, those same trucks can travel off any state-designated highway and travel no more than 5 miles on “any State, county or township highway” to get fuel, food, repairs or rest.

SB218 would allow those truckers to travel off any highway – not just those designated by the state – for whatever distance is necessary to load, unload, get a meal, fuel or repair their vehicles, or obtain needed rest.

The law would simply require that the trucker take the “shortest practical” route to his or her destination.

The bill, introduced by Sen. John Sullivan, D-Quincy, is now before the Senate Transportation Committee.