Volvo rolls out updated VT 880

| 2/4/2005

Volvo unveiled its VT 880, a truck design targeted to the premium owner-operator market, Feb. 3.

The truck has Volvo’s new D16 engine, rated up to 635 hp with 2,250 lbs.-ft. of torque. Typical applications would be for customers who want to maintain high, average speeds through mountains while transporting full-weight loads, such as refrigerated operations, according to the manufacturer. It will also work for heavy haul, drop frame and other high gross weight applications.

Volvo engineers have modified the entire chassis. The front axle has been moved forward 12.4 inches. This position optimizes cooling airflow for the high-horsepower engine, while giving the Volvo VT 880 a 45-degree wheel cut.

Just as the front axle moved forward, the cab itself moved back 8 inches on the chassis to isolate the cab from the engine for a quieter and smoother ride. It has a 200-inch BBC to allow owner-operators to improve aerodynamics and fuel economy by specing a smaller gap between cab and trailer.

To handle the 2,250 lbs.-ft. of torque, the VT 880 offers a non-torque-reactive rear suspension, the Hendrickson Primaax.

The truck is designed to meet the cooling needs that will come with the 2007 and 2010 emissions standards. It has a large grille and long hood, plus aerodynamic features designed to channel cooling airflow around the engine to help keep the engines cool and perform as designed.

The Volvo VT 880 is available for U.S. and Canadian customers to order now, with customer deliveries beginning in June.