U.S. DOT has identified CDL fraud as a top concern

| 2/4/2005

DOT Inspector General Kenneth M. Mead said in a recent news release that in the past five years, the federal agency has participated in the investigation and prosecution of CDL fraud schemes in 21 states.

During that period, more than 75 multiagency investigations found more than 8,000 CDLs issued to drivers through corrupt state or state-approved testing processes.

The statement comes in the wake of current CDL scandal rocking Colorado. Two former DMV workers have been charged for conspiring to sell unauthorized Colorado driver licenses, including CDLs, to ineligible people. Janet J. Gonzalez, 35, Thornton, CO, and Virginia Villegas, 48, Denver, were arrested Dec. 11, 2004.

On Feb. 3, the state reportedly finished a review of all 7,000 driver’s licenses issued by the clerks charged in the case. According to a Feb. 4 story in the Rocky Mountain News, about 300 licenses were revoked as a result. The newspaper reported a third of those cases have since cleared.