It used to be a scam; now it's a plan

| 1/27/2005

Wanna buy the Brooklyn Bridge? Well, pretty soon you just might get the chance to get your hands on it, or some other part of New York’s road system.

Officials in the Empire State are considering a plan – widely panned – that would privatize some bridges or roads now owned by the state. The move would allow companies to operate the road or bridges, and collect tolls to help pay for operations and maintenance.

The plan, which media sources reported was contained in Gov. George Pataki’s budget, would only allow privatization on current toll facilities or on new capacity.

And while the Brooklyn Bridge was not mentioned specifically, Transportation Commissioner Joseph Boardman, told reporters the Tappan Zee Bridge would be a good candidate for the proposed program.

In his budget message, Pataki said “public/private partnerships” were needed “to provide more resources for our transportation system.”