Arkansas bills address open truck beds and signage

| 1/21/2005

Two bills before an Arkansas Senate panel concern what covers and what can be seen from behind a truck.

The first bill – SB35 – would require a motor vehicle or trailer that has an open bed and is transporting sand, gravel, rock or brick on a paved public street or highway to display a telephone number to call to report damage or injury caused by the load carried by the motor vehicle or trailer.

It would require the telephone number to be displayed on the back of the vehicle or trailer and be “clearly visible” at least 30 feet away.

The second bill – SB36 – would prohibit an owner or operator of a motor vehicle from placing a sign on his/her vehicle that “purports to disclaim responsibility for property or personal injury damage caused by the motor vehicle or a load carried by the motor vehicle.”

It also would prohibit the placement of signs on a vehicle to require other motorists to keep a certain distance from the vehicle.

The Senate Public Transportation Committee is reviewing both efforts offered by Sen. Kim Hendren, R-Gravette.