Sleeper berth death of infant accidental, police think

| 1/21/2005

A baby died Jan. 19 while she was asleep with her parents and three siblings in the sleeper of her father’s tractor-trailer. The 3-month-old girl apparently suffocated, police reported.

According to The Associated Press, police believe the death of Dasa Jordan Mitchell of Decatur, GA, was an accident.

The trucking couple, the infant, and three other children under the age of 8 arrived in Maryville on Wednesday enroute from Nashville, TX. WATE-TV Channel 6 in Knoxville reported that the girl’s father, Corey Mitchell, an independent trucker, had parked his truck in a grocery store parking lot overnight, planning to make a delivery the next morning. When he found the child was not breathing, he ran into the store to seek someone who knew CPR.