Conference set on cargo security and trade

| 1/17/2005

FMCSA Administrator Annette M. Sandberg and several other high-ranking government officials are among those who will present information at a February conference hosted by the Border Trade Alliance in Washington, DC.

The conference, “Cargo Security and Trade: Maintaining the Right Balance,” is scheduled for Feb. 14-15 and will include topics of interest to truckers, such as:

  • Secure trucking in North America;
  • Cargo security/container inspections at ports;
  • Foreign worker programs;
  • International trade data system; and
  • Technology to make your cargo secure.

Administrator Sandberg is scheduled to discuss what the FMCSA has on its agenda in 2005.

One panel discussion of particular interest to those in the trucking industry will be “Private Sector Perspective on Securing the Supply Chain,” which will include: Bonnie Tischler, vice president for global transportation and supply chain security for Pinkerton; John James Tomoney, director of corporate security for Warnaco; and Randal Mullett, director of government relations for CNF Inc.

Formore information on the conference, click here, or call 1-800-333-5523.