Class action certified in Oklahoma PikePass lawsuit

| 1/13/2005

An Oklahoma Appeals court has upheld the class certification in a lawsuit filed against the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority that alleges overcharges on the turnpikes because of the PikePass system.

According to information on the Web site, the lawsuit pertains to “forced match” charges being inappropriately applied to PikePass users.

The suit alleges PikePass equipment sometimes fails to read a customer’s PikePass at an entrance or exit. When the PikePass fails to read, the system assumes the customer made the longest and costliest trip from the entrance or exit that was read – called a “forced match.”

The plaintiffs seek to recover the overcharges and force PikePass to change the way they charge for forced matches.

At this point, it is not necessary to contact the law firm handling the case to be included in the class.

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