Ohio Turnpike to charge flat toll if strike occurs

| 1/4/2005

The Ohio Turnpike may face a strike by 997 toll collectors and maintenance workers later this month, according to the Turnpike Commission.

The commission’s contract with the workers, who are represented by Teamsters Local 436, expired Dec. 31, 2004. However, the two parties extended the agreement to Jan. 17. A decision on whether a strike will occur is expected at that time.

If a strike does occur, the Turnpike Commission said in a statement that it would keep the highway running, in part by charging flat toll rates. Tractor-trailers would pay $10 to cross the state on the highway.

“The turnpike hopes we can reach an agreement with those employees before the 17th and that a work stoppage won’t happen,” Lauren H. Dehrmann, spokesperson for the Ohio Turnpike Commission, said. But if that doesn’t happen and there is a work stoppage, then those flat tolls will be imposed at that time.”