Heartland Express announces driver pay increases

| 12/23/2004

The Iowa-based carrier Heartland Express announced this week it plans to increase its drivers’ pay.

The company said in a news release that it plans a 3-cent-per-mile pay raise for all “system” and regional drivers. Heartland said that combined with another increase earlier this year, rates after the new increase will be 15 percent more than in 2003.

Heartland’s top solo and team company driver pay will increase from 43 cents per mile to 46 cents. Owner-operator solo and team pay will increase from 88 cents per mile to 91 cents. Those rates do not include money from the company’s “fuel stabilization program.”

Owner-operators will see the 3-cent increase go into effect Jan. 1. Company drivers will see three separate 1-cent increases, which will take place on Jan. 1, Jan. 29 and Feb. 26, 2005.