Kansas opens Trucking Connection office in Topeka

| 12/17/2004

Three state agencies in Kansas have combined to for a new office that will provide all services from the state necessary for a trucking company to operate in Kansas.

Previously, truckers had to visit three locations: the Kansas Department of Revenue, the Kansas Department of Transportation and the Kansas Corporation Commission. Now, staff members from all three agencies have been moved to the new facility, called the Kansas Trucking Connection.

The Trucking Connection is located at the offices of the Kansas Corporation Commission on the west side of the state capital, Topeka, an area close to Interstate 70 and easy to access for truckers, commission officials said in a news release.

The idea for the new office came about after the successful opening of the state’s trucking Web portal, TruckingKS.org. The Web site allows motor carriers to visit one Web portal to locate and meet the requirements of several agencies.

Many requirements can be met entirely online, from submitting data and paying fees to printing credentials, according to the commission.