Trucker's injury believed to be self-inflicted

| 12/15/2004

Law enforcement officials in Frederick County, VA, have confirmed that an injured truck driver discovered at an area truck stop was not attacked but rather suffered from a self-inflicted injury.

Tuesday, Dec. 14, Frederick County deputies went to the Flying J Truck Stop in Clearbrook, VA, to check on a driver after his company had called the police concerned about his welfare. The driver had missed a delivery and had not responded to calls from his company for a couple days.

Capt. John Heflin with the sheriff’s office said when deputies found the driver in his truck they discovered his penis had been severed from his body, apparently a couple days before he was found.

“That’s when we discovered this stuff that had happened to him,” Heflin said.

The organ was recovered at the scene and transported along with the driver to a Winchester hospital. The man remained hospitalized the following day. His condition was unknown.

The investigation into the incident has led investigators to believe it was a self-inflicted injury and not the result of an attack, according to Heflin.

Heflin declined comment on why law enforcement officials believe the man had apparently injured himself.

By Jami Jones