Central American nations consider opening borders

| Tuesday, December 14, 2004

The nations of Central America want to open their border to allow more free movement of people and goods between the seven nations that lie between Colombia and Mexico, The Associated Press reported.

The idea was discussed in talks that took place in El Salvador this week. Those talks included Mexico, which already is part of the North American Free Trade Agreement.

There has been wide concern in the trucking industry about some of the open border conditions created by NAFTA. The Bush administration won a court case earlier this year that will allow Mexican trucks to move across the southern U.S. border and onto American roads.

However, The AP reported that Mexico – along with Costa Rica and Belize – is not looking to take part in all the open border provisions of the possible Central American accord. U.S. officials indicated they were concerned that a fully open set of borders could lead to increased drug trafficking and terrorist activity.