Trade with Canada, Mexico up 80 percent since NAFTA

| 12/10/2004

Surface trade between the United States and its two neighboring countries has jumped 80 percent since the signing of the North American Free Trade Agreement 10 years ago.

All surface trade – truck, rail, pipeline and other modes – as of September this year was valued at $54.9 billion by the Bureau of Transportation Statistics. Trade with Canada and Mexico has increased an average 7.6 percent every year for the past 10 years. The only year that trade decreased was in 1997, when freight movement between the United States and its neighboring countries dropped 17.6 percent.

Based on figures reported for September 2004, trucks were hauling 11.2 percent more exports to Canada and Mexico than they were in September 2003. Imports by truck from Canada and Mexico were up 10.2 percent from September 2003.

Specifically, imports from Canada by truck were up 8.2 percent and exports increased 11.8 percent when compared with the same period last year. Trucks hauled 12.8 percent more freight from Mexico and exported 10 percent more.

Michigan led all states trading with Canada with just a little bit more than $6 billion in September. Texas led all states trading with Mexico in September with trade valued at approximately $6.4 billion.