Administration insider nominated for top energy post

| 12/10/2004

President George W. Bush has nominated Sam Bodman, currently serving as deputy treasury secretary, to the new secretary of energy, the White House announced Dec. 10.

“Sam Bodman is an experienced executive who has served in my administration as Deputy Secretary of Commerce and Deputy Secretary of the Treasury,” Bush said in prepared remarks. “He will bring to the Department of Energy a great talent for management and the precise thinking of an engineer.”

Bush introduced Bodman to the press Friday morning in the Roosevelt Room of the White House. He now faces, as do all Cabinet nominees, confirmation hearings in the Senate.

In his remarks introducing his nominee, Bush indicated he would continue to push for less reliance on foreign sources of energy, including oil.

“We will pursue more energy close to home, in our own country and in our own hemisphere, so that we’re less dependent on energy from unstable parts of the world,” Bush said.